BridgeMe is a microcredit company that focuses on empowering businesses and their employees by offering payment solutions to enhance purchasing power and improve lifestyles. The company aims to provide financial support and assistance to businesses and individuals who may not have easy access to traditional loan schemes or installment options.

BridgeMe will purchase the product on behalf of your staff and will allow them to repay in easy monthly installments with a reasonable mark up fee.

What We Offer

BridgeMe is a micro credit company that provides Buy Now Pay Later options to Registered Company staffs. This helps them to gain purchasing power and improve their lifestyle. Bridge Me offers an easy and convenient way for employees to purchase items they need without having to pay up front. The company also provides flexible repayment options, so employees can choose the best plan that suits their needs. With this, employees can enjoy the same buying experience as those with good credit scores, while also improving their financial situation in the long run.

Our retail partners

A wide range of products from world-renowned brands such as

Company warranty and efficient after-sales service for all electronic products

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